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Ways I Can Help

Tax Preparation

I work with individuals, small businesses, and other entities on the preparation of annual tax filing forms. Please see my price list for more details.

Tax Planning

A tax planning session with me includes reviewing your prior year return, your income and withholdings to date, and projecting your current year tax liability with recommendations of things you may consider for increased tax efficiency. I also review any major financial transactions that have occurred during the year, such as a home purchase or sale, and help you understand the tax implications.

My goal is to help you navigate the intricacies of the United States tax code, whether your intention is to build wealth or give wealth effectively.

Book Keeping

Bookkeeping and Bookkeeping Support

I offer bookkeeping support sessions for both new and seasoned business owners. These sessions typically include:

  • Reviewing the setup of your accounting software
  • Walking through the core bookkeeping functions, including bank and credit card account reconciliations
  • Reviewing financial statements for accuracy and understanding
  • Advising on record-keeping best practices

I also offer ongoing bookkeeping services for a small number of clients.

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